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Get maximum value and performance from your suppliers

Communications Consultants

  1. Are you getting the best value for money from your existing suppliers and equipment?
  2. Can you be sure that your suppliers are delivering exactly what you are paying for?
  3. Are all of the correct quality control processes being consistently applied to ensure best performance?
  4. Is the service you offer to your customers as good as you think it is?
  5. Do your customers consistently boast about the quality of service they receive?

If you can’t answer yes to the above 5 questions then maybe it’s time to consider getting some help.

    OnBoardComs can help you maximise performance whilst reducing costs. We will work with you,

your suppliers and vendors to understand the real issues and together resolve any underlying problems.

Equipment and Site Audit

Quality Improvement

Design and Process Optimisation

With real hands-on experience

Experienced Engineers

Most of our consultants and engineers have worked in the industry for more than 10 years and have a proven track record supporting clients worldwide.

Acceptance Testing and Handover


Our engineering teams must have the right tools to do the the job and sometimes because of the unique nature of the assignments we undertake, the ideal tools just don’t exist. On these occasions we will carefully assess what is required and if necessary adapt or custom build and thoroughly test new equipment in our own in-house facilities, ensuring our engineering teams are always equipped to the highest possible standards and prepared for any challenges they may encounter.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the gallery area to see some examples of equipment we have built, not just for our own teams, but for our customers too. Many of our methods and custom equipment are unique to OnBoardComs and have evolved over many years of experience.

OnBoardComs have invested substantial time and money building an in-house communications test facility. This facility enables the testing and verification of equipment prior to deployment with our engineering teams.

As well as our in-house test facility we have also invested in our own engineering workshops with state of the art computer controlled machining capabilities, precision welding and small scale electronic assembly equipment. This enables us to custom manufacture items such as fully CNC machined equipment enclosures, and prototype circuit boards. We also have capabilities to carry out 4 axis machining and engraving in non-ferrous materials. These facilities along with specialised engineering expertise makes OnBoardComs stand out from the rest.

Marine Cellular More Equipment Installations

OnBoardComs have the ability to design, build and test a wide range of prototype equipment completely in-house and within short timescale's.


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