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OnBoardComs are a telecommunications consultancy company with headquarters in the United Kingdom. We specialise in providing consultancy services and communications systems onboard marine, aeronautical and land based vehicles. We also have hands on experience supporting communications in remote and difficult locations. We have worked extensively with communications systems on-board large commercial aircraft as well as private and commercial maritime vessels. We have experience of GSMOBA, GSM-R, Wi-Fi and WiMAX systems, as well as terrestrial 2g, 3g and 4g / LTE cellular networks.

Whilst mostly involved with cellular radio based systems, OnBoardComs are highly capable and have gained experience working on many different radio communications systems and networks worldwide.


Customer Perspective

Real RF Coverage

It’s all well and good having a state of the art radio planning tool that predicts coverage. Unfortunately these rely on a certain amount of optimisation for specific environments. If the calibration data used for this process is inaccurate the output accuracy is reduced. This on it’s own is bad enough but you’ll also need accurate antenna information, power levels etc, etc.

There’s lots of scope for error and a real calibrated radio survey can sometimes be a real eye opener.

Mechanical and Electrical

Bringing Ideas to Life

Telecom’s Standard

Improving Reliability

Radio Surveys

Prototype Equipment

High Quality Installations

Contracted to support major Asian airline with  ongoing system maintenance activities.

Contracted to investigate issues with coverage onboard Boeing 777 series aircraft.

Sub-contract awarded to perform major RF measurement campaign onboard Airbus A380

Sub-contract to install government equipment within secure environments

OBC Highlights

With many years experience in mechanical and electrical design, along with very a well equipped workshop and in-house test facilities, we can help bring your ideas to life. Many of our customers come back time and time again, because they trust OnBoardComs to deliver on time, on budget and most important of all, exceed their expectations. We use these same facilities for the manufacture of custom equipment for our own engineering teams.

Correctly and well installed equipment can help improve reliability and reduce the time needed to identify and fix faults. This in turn helps increase revenue and improve customer experience.

It’s not just a matter of making things look good. maintenance, power distribution, cooling, labelling and documentation are just some of the things that need to be considered when designing and reviewing new equipment installations.

As you would expect OnBoardComs have substantial expertise in the RF design, test and measurement fields.

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SE Asia Office Opened (Singapore)

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