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Aircraft Server (MIL Spec.)

Diversified Technologies Inc. Intel Pentium M ETX-LX15 CPU Board

(1.8 GHz Proc. 1GB RAM).

Condor CEI420 Arinc 429 card (PC 104 Interface) 2 TX and 4 RX Channels.

80GB IDE HDD in shockproof enclosure, LCD Hour Meter, CF Card Reader.

115v 400Hz PSU with battery backup feature.

All housed in a rugged aluminium alloy enclosure which slides and locks into the included fan

cooled mounting tray. Finally to finish this offer we’re including the matching Arinc 600

interface connector and part harness.

Check out the pictures and data sheet for more information.

Note: The cooling fan and PSU in these units will run only from 115vac 400Hz.


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$295.00 USD + Shipping

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