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Emergency Communications in a Case

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This unit comprises of a full featured EDGE GSM1800 BTS and all associated control systems to form an instant mobile phone network for any GSM1800 capable phone. All that is needed to create your own GSM mobile phone network is a power source and two antennas, add an Internet connection and you’ll be able to call anywhere in the world (optional service contract available). Designed for use in remote rural locations and disaster zones this box can take just about anything you can throw at it.

The unique design and flexible remote configuration allows any mobile phone with any network SIM to make and receive calls on the NetworkInABox™. Full access control is available and can be performed remotely as part of the service management option.


When connected to the Internet:

Instant Communications -

Whenever and Wherever you need them

Emergency Mobile Communications

Pre-Configured to work immediately unit is turned on.

Can be powered from Battery, Generator, or Mains supply.

No special knowledge required.

Free mobile to mobile calls within the same network.

Able to handle up to 12 simultaneous calls.

Just connect two antennas and power to start making  and receiving calls within the same network.

Link boxes together to form larger networks (Internet connection required).

NetworkInABox™ The Complete GSM  Network In a Box Price and Specifications

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