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If you have an equipment room capable of housing greater than around 10 standard 600 mm wide racks, it makes sense to consider detailed planning of available floor space. We can create scaled floor plans that show all under-floor and overhead services including tray work, fibre containment and even smoke sensors and VESDA pipes. This system makes planning new equipment installations faster and can reduce the risk of running into issues part way through an installation, due to unforeseen under floor obstructions or lack of required services.

We are also able to plan rack layouts and create power distribution plans that will tell you exactly what equipment would be affected during an unexpected power outage or any planned power maintenance activities.

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Instantly know the space you have available at remote sites

Get the best from your investment

Data Cabling and Testing

Unlike many installation companies OnBoardComs installs equipment and cabling to high quality telecom standards. What this means is that we treat each installation as a complete separate entity, all power and data cables are custom made on site, fibre cables are calculated and ordered in advance. There’s no surplus cable pushed under the floor to restrict air flow or  left looped around cable routes congesting the cable management guides and making fault finding more difficult and time consuming.

Floor tiles are precisely cut and carefully trimmed with protective edging to prevent cable damage. All cables are fully tested, labelled at both ends and fully documented.

Paying a little more care and attention at the installation stages can save unplanned down time, lost revenue and prevent unhappy customers.


Data Cable Test Results

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