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The AMT-3500 is an ARINC 781 intermediate-gain antenna for use with the Inmarsat BGAN Satellite network. 115Vac 400 Hz.

AMT-3500 Aircraft Antenna and DLNA (USED).

Occasionally OnBoardComs disposes of small quantities of equipment that we no longer require. Some may find it useful for their component parts or adapting for other uses. Used parts are sold at a fraction of their original price and were fully working at the time they were removed from service. However these parts are sold on an untested as-is basis.

Please Note:

Ex-aircraft components are supplied in an as removed state (no paperwork) and are deemed unfit for flight.

OnBoardComs reserves the right to refuse to supply equipment to certain destinations and without reason.

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CNSU  (Cabin Network Server Unit).

MIL Spec 1.8 GHz Pentium M  server with ARINC interface card and 80GB HDD in shock proof enclosure.

115Vac 400 Hz.

Miltope Aircraft Server (USED)

Thales SDU - ARINC 600 6 MCU  for use with the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network 115Vac 400Hz.

Thales 82155 Series single channel  SDU ( Satellite Data Unit). USED  

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GSM1800 BTS, BSC and MSC all in one box. Add an internet connection and management option for fully functioning out of the box instant GSM network.

NetworkInABox(Instant GSM Network)

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USD $295.00 + Shipping

USD $350.00 + Shipping

USD $325.00 + Shipping

USD $2400.00 + Shipping

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