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Rugged Portable Signal Generator

Custom signal generator - Designed and built for one of customers who needed a compact and very rugged signal generator that could be powered and controlled via USB and easily taken anywhere in the world. For added security, the option to allow it to be individually powered from an external power supply was provided. After configuration, this allowed the unit to be operated without needing a laptop connected.

Aircraft Power Adaptors

Custom Reliable Power

Experience has shown that to enable fast and accurate testing on-board aircraft, it is necessary to have reliable power sources.

Due to weight advantages, the majority of aircraft power systems are 115 Vac 400 Hz. Most test equipment is not designed to work on this frequency and ignoring this can lead to serious safety implications. Many of our competitors insist on the customer providing a 110/240 Vac 50/60 Hz generator. This causes several problems as quality and performance of these can vary substantially and cause further health and safety concerns. OnBoardComs has designed and built their own high performance custom power systems to convert the aircraft power source to a stable 240 Vac 50 Hz output, suitable for powering all our on-board test equipment.

If the aircraft has power then so do we!

Specialist Services - Custom Equipment - Best Tools

Aircraft Survey Vehicle

This vehicle is based on an electric golf buggy and has been substantially modified for radio surveys. It was built by ourselves after being contracted to carry out radio surveys on several commercial aircraft types, including the Airbus A380. It has a pneumatic 6m telescopic mast, 2.5KVA generator, air compressor, GPS data feed, encoded telemetry links, atomic frequency reference, modified suspension and a waterproof and shockproof equipment enclosure. It has been tested numerous times from the hot climate of southern France to the freezing temperatures of northern Germany. The fast charging and diverse power systems designed and built specifically for this vehicle, allows us to work long periods without stopping to charge batteries. This vehicle is also fitted with a modified electronic speed controller and multiple pulse counters and sensors to ensure accurate position and height data is always available.

Reliability & Accuracy

Automated Measurement Equipment

This equipment was specially built into custom flight cases and pre-configured to allow OnBoardComs to start making measurements as soon as possible after equipment deployment and power up.

Due to extreme temperature variations and potential frequency drift, stability was ensured by a combined GPS backed atomic frequency reference and NTP server, providing very accurate time stamping of all recorded data.

Two Agilent 70000 series modular spectrum analysers were chosen for their performance, flexibility and ease of maintenance, should there be any failure during the measurement campaign.

All of the equipment was controlled via redundant GPIB cards in two separate servers, running in tandem and controlled by custom software.

The overall system was designed with it’s own cooling and monitoring systems to ensure reliable operation throughout testing.

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