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OnBoardComs have extensive world-wide experience of auditing sites of varying types and sizes.

We are able to identify installation and design issues that if left could seriously affect the on-going operational performance of your network.

We have a broad range of expertise ranging from ac and dc power systems, cooling and lightening protection, to the mechanical integrity and suitability of raised flooring, equipment enclosures and under-floor cable containment systems.

OnBoardComs are also able to train your own staff to carry out site audits, ensuring continuity and on-going performance improvements long after we’ve gone.

Cell Site and Datacentre Audits Need more information?

Find out if you have any underlying design or implementation issues

Getting the best from your investment

Base Station Maintenance

OnBoardComs are able to review your processes and procedures as well as tooling and equipment used by your existing engineers to give an overall assessment of any potential implementation or training issues you have.


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Optimising network performance

Radio Performance

One of the most common problems that we continuously come across are issues with the RF transmission systems at cell sites.

OnBoardComs have the experience and ability to accurately measure and verify the performance of site coaxial feeders and antennas. We can also make accurate RF output power output measurements for planning and compliance purposes.

OnBoardComs understands and are able to perform measurements relating to (IMD) inter-modulation distortion and group delay of individual component parts and complete systems.

OnBoardComs will get the best out of your radio systems, allowing you to get maximum return for your investment and keep your customers happy.

Please Note: To carry out these measurements a sector or site outage will be required.

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OnBoardComs - Helping you to keep the edge over your competitors.

Reliable and accurate measurements

Test Equipment

OnBoardComs have the test equipment and the experience to be able to detect issues, assess any impact and take corrective action if required.

OnBoardComs are able to thoroughly test RF feeder cables and transmission systems determining insertion loss, return loss, PIM performance and spurious transmissions.

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