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OnBoardComs are able to carry out a wide range of RF related measurements either at our own test facility or off-site if necessary. We have invested and continue to invest substantial amounts of money, building, purchasing and maintaining our own pool of test equipment for use whenever and wherever we need it. This allows OnBoardcoms the flexibility to take on jobs at short notice and to keep our costs low, whilst removing the uncertainty of needing to hire equipment. We are also able to offer very competitive rates for testing small components and systems sent directly to our UK labs.

Vector Signal Analysis

OnBoardComs has equipment installed with specific options for the fast and accurate measurements of many global mobile and Wi-Fi standards. We also have a number of RF shielded enclosures for testing devices under controlled conditions.

RF Spectrum Analysis

OnBoardComs are able to scan bands to determine RF activity and modulation type. We are able to sweep rooms and entire facilities for transmitting and monitoring devices, detecting the most sophisticated transmitting devices currently available.

OnBoardComs have the equipment, staff and knowledge to make complex RF measurements from dc to over 20 GHz.

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